What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Creating a hairlines with amazing results around Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey.

Results May Vary From Person to Person

Scalp micropigmentation is the process of giving the scalp the appearance of naturally grown in hair follicles. We have been performing Scalp micropigmentation on patients in the Philadelphia region for nearly 7 years and have been producing outstanding results. This is an increasingly popular procedure for balding men or women with thinning areas of hair on the scalp. It works especially well for individuals with closely cropped hairstyles. The procedure gives the appearance of stubble in bald areas, like the bald spot on the top, side or back of the head.

This remarkable procedure is frequently used to camouflage widened scars from previous hair transplant procedures, some surgeons have begun to refer out patients for this procedure after the hair transplant. The illusion is so realistic that you actually believe you have hair and so does everyone else, what makes us stand out in the industry is our highly trained staff and advanced technology of needles, and ink, which are uniquely designed to replicate human hair.

The sophisticated needle configuration creates tiny pigment points which simulates and matches hair follicles. The technique is a revolutionary solution that offers an immediate way to improve your look and confidence in your self. The pigment of the ink is specially blended to guarantee a hair follicle replication consistent with the specific size, form and density of your hair. Thousands of tiny points of hair replication on the persons head make it so real it would take a microscope to tell the difference between real hair and the micropigmentation.

The procedure is done two to three times to blend with the hair on the scalp. When this is done it causes a hyperemia to the scalp this is actually good because the whole bases of hair growth is blood supply. Generally after the procedure we see more hair growth to the scalp and it appears even more full when done this way. Create a natural hairline and a thicken the look of shaved hair through smp, the results are amazing. When it comes to scalp micropigmentation we offer a unique treatment process that includes:

  • Free initial consultation - we explain the process and examine your suitability. We then understand the look you want to achieve.
  • We create a unique treatment plan matched exactly to your requirements and following our guidelines.
  • We offer a 3-D Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedure - utilizing special needle designed for smp. We create the natural hair line you have always wanted.
  • We offer solutions for male pattern baldness, alopecia, crown baldness and receding hairline.
  • We can hide previous surgical scars, birth marks, thinning surgical scars, transplant scars.
  • Organic inks that are safe.

Who is a candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is ideal for people with thinning hair including those with male pattern baldness, alopecia, previous hair transplants, hair system wearers, and irregular hair loss. Scalp Micropigmentation is gaining popularity as a cost-effective, affordable alternative to hair transplants. It is natural, requires minimal maintenance, and produces immediate results in line with your goals and expectations. During your scalp micropigmentation procedure which is performed by trained and certified specialists they will match your own naturally shaved follicles like a 5 o clock shadow with tiny ink deposits that mimic stubble hair. They will then apply small hair strokes where ever hair has thinned or been lost.

Scalp micropigmentation can be fully customized to your goals and needs. You can get the desired density and look, giving you the appearance of a full hairline. Scalp micropigmetation restores your style, look and density immediately and noninivasive. You can see immediate results following the first treatment. Other benefits include:

At our office the Medlight Q-switch laser can help in evening skin tone and color which adds to the sharp look that we create. The laser can lighten the skin which can help in creating a contrast with the smp.

  • Is the individual a suitably qualified technician.
  • How many procedures has the person performing the procedure done in the past
  • Can the individual show you past work
  • What inks are the individual using for the process
  • How many sessions will it take and what is the cost

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