Tattoo removal with laser:

Qswitch laser called med light. It has removed 98% of all tattoos in the world.

If you put Ice on the area for 15 min before the treatment most people find it tolerable.

No. 10 % on the people have allergic reaction to the sulfa in the ointment.

NO. It must be completely healed, and it should be covered when you go out in the sun, because your skin will turn darker.

No. It must be completely healed.

NO if the tattoo is on your hand, because you don't want to macerate the tissue.

No, by rubbing over a treated tattoo is dangerous. It is possible to break the skin open and cause allergic reaction to whatever is rubbing on it leather nylon, ect.

Yes, especially red and yellow color tattoos but not every person 10%.

Yes, Sometimes the body is sensitized on the first laser treatment, because the body is trying to remove foreign body the ink.

Yes, ink is a foreign body placed in the skin, you could have had more swelling than normal to the tattoo when you got in the first place but you thought it was normal.

No. It will stimulate the skin to produce pigment, turns darker.

Tattoo Removal:

Yes, if nothing rubs on the treated area.

It depend on the tattoo some people 3 to 6 and some people 6 to 12.

The laser fractures the ink into tiny particles and the body removes it.


It depends on the skin of the person each person is different.

No, but you will feel a slight pulling of the skin.

Most people come in once a month.

No. You must stop a couple of days before the treatment.

No It can cause redness and swelling.

If it is convenient before you come in if you don't we can take it off for you.

Liposuction and Fat Transfer:

It has a good safety record there has been no known deaths.

Tumescent liposuction is when they use dilute lidocaine to numb the local fat deposit. While regular liposuction uses an anesthesiologist

No, You will be awake durning the procedure but comfortable.

No, But you will feel pressure at times.

yes, no one else is going to work on you.

Yes, there will be a female with you the whole time to talk to you and make sure you are comfortable.

No, but the incision site which is about three millimeters in length is left open to drain tumescent fluid.

Three days then you will go into a tighter garment.

No, you are draining a blood tinged saline it is perfectly normal.

Yes, This garment will give you compression and should be worn 24 hours a day only pull it down to change the padding as need the first three days.

Yes, you wear the garment with the foam padding around the torso for the first 3 months and then the garment after that 24 hours a day?

It maintains your shape while the collagen is remodeling and prevents lines.

No. You can't wear tight clothes or pants this will cause lines in the skin which can be permanent.

Yes, you can if the pants are not tight, you should be able the put your hand in your pants and not be tight.

No, you cannot wear a bra against your skin, or garment it will cause a line.

No, unless it is over the foam pad.

The first three days you must lay flat with a 10 pound rice bag on the belly, then you can take a slight walk but no heavy exercise for 4 weeks.

Yes, You can do everything you normally do except for heavy exercise.

Yes, you can gain weight in other areas.

Yes. The fat cells taken will not come back it is gone forever as long as you eat a normal diet.

Fat Transfer:

We take the fat where you want to be sculpted.

No some of the fat cells will die and be absorbed by the body. The butt generally drops 30% after the procedure.

Yes, It is the same as any other fat cells in the body.

No. The first four week you need a towel rolled up and and put it under your legs so you don't put any pressure on the transplanted fat. You also should sleep on your belly.

Yes, You take antibotics for 10 days.

No. You can walk but no heavy exercise.

No. You must eat a normal diet you don't want the new fat cells to die.

No. Dr Shahine will sculpt you and place the fat as you want it.

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